1. I have a question or a problem with a deal or a coupon.

The best thing you should do is either post a quick comment in the comments section for that deal or coupon. You’ll likely see a response from us within a short period of time.

2. I tried using a code I found on your site and it did not work.

Please post a comment detailing your experience within the comments section of that coupon. It may have expired before we were able to remove it from our site. Retailers often do not clarify how long a deal or code will last. We test coupons throughout the day to do our best to stay up-to-date as to when codes or deals expire and remove them from our site as quickly as possible.

3. How can my company be featured on the Referdiscounts.com ?

If you are interested in partnering with ReferDiscounts to promote your products or services, please contact us via email at admin@referdiscounts.com.